2 Acres Land for sale in Kitengela

Date:March 10, 2016 9:18 am

2 Acres Land for sale in Kitengela near Olturoto Primary school. 42% ROI.

This Land for sale in Kitengela near Olturoto Primary school, and near the Olutorot shopping centre. The land is good for sub-division into plots that would retail above Kes 650k per 1/8 acre plots. The area is rapidly developing and one can get a return on investment of more than 42% within one year.

Photos of the 2 Acres Land for sale in Kitengela

This property for sale in Kitengela is about 7 Kilometres from Namanga road, to the left as ones drives to Kisanju/Isinya.

Location Details
- 7km from Namanga road
- 100 metres from the Olturoto shopping centre
- Near Olturoto Catholic and primary school

- Electricity supply - Electric posts on the bordery of the farm


- All within 150 metres radius
- Health centre
- police post
- chief camp
- shopping centre

- Road - All weather road to the property

Economic Viability of these 2 Acres Land for sale in Kitengela
- Ideal for residential development or green houses
- The shopping centre is growing fast and potential for quick value appreciation exists
- Good for sub-division into plots - 1/8 acre could go about 650k. Consider 14 plots assume a net sale price of 600k per plot x 14 plots = 8.4m. so, a profit of Kes 2,500,000 with an investment of Kes 5,900,000. All these can be sold within a year and with the last ones being sold at higher prices.

Note: several other developers selling the plots in the area at 695k per plot.

Other services / developments
- Several churches in place (Catholic church, PEFA, all within 200-300 metres) vicinity
- residents building rental units in the area

This is an excellent Real Estate investment opportunity in Kenya for those looking for high returns on sale of land. The property is in a rapidly developing area.

Price Kes5.9m
Property Type For Sale
Size (Acres)

2 Acres